Terms of Use

        These Terms of Use of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are developed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation and are aimed at regulating the terms of use of the Site, determining the mutual rights and duties of the Site Administration, Site Users, as well as persons not registered on the Site, but the conditions and grounds for their liability, as well as the reasons for their release from it.

1. Terms used in the Terms of Use of the Site

        1.1. For the purposes of these Rules, the following terms are used in the following meaning:

        1.1.1. The site is the result of intellectual activity, which is a composite work located in the information and telecommunications network under a specific network address and includes computer programs that provide its functioning, a graphic solution (design), content (text information) placed on it, and as well as other results of intellectual activity, in particular photographic images, video recordings, etc. The Site is referred to in the text of these Rules as a Website located on the Internet under the domain name (address) - sky-share.ru, as well as its derivatives.

        1.1.2. Administration of the site is a limited liability its authorized representative possessing the rights to own, use and manage the Site specified in paragraph 1.1.1. of these Rules, and providing it for use to third parties - Users.

        1.1.3. User - any individual who has passed the registration procedure on the Site by completing the registration form (making relevant information to it).

        1.1.4. Battle - a comparison of 2 (two) or more categories (values) carried out by Site Users, by voting for one or another compared category (value). Under the category (meaning) in the text, this term means various objects (material and non-material, animate and inanimate), including objects, people, organizations, specific expressions (words, phrases), etc.

        1.1.5. The account is a special virtual space on the Site, allocated (granted) to the User after registration and necessary for using the Site in accordance with its main purpose in all possible ways.

        1.1.6. Information - any information (messages, data) regardless of the form of their submission, whether it is information in the form of a question or answer published by the User on the Site, information about the User itself, presented during registration on the Site, downloadable images (photos) and .

        1.2. Terms of use of the Site may use terms not defined in clause 1.1. In these cases, the interpretation of terms is made in accordance with the text and meaning of these Rules. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term, the text of these Rules should be guided by the interpretation of terms: first of all, defined on the Site specified in paragraph 1.1.1.

2. The subject of these Rules

        2.1. The main purpose of the Site - conducting on the Site of the Battle, opened by Users.

        2.2. Use the Site in the following ways:

        2.2.1. The opening of a specific Battle by posting relevant information about it on the Site.

        2.2.2. Voting for a particular category (value), set in the Battle.

        2.3. Use of the Site in the ways specified in clause 3.2. of these Rules is allowed only by Users, that is, registered on the Site by persons. A person who is not registered on the Site has the opportunity to use the Site exclusively in the manner specified in clause 2.2.2. of these Rules.

        2.4. The use of the Site by Users, as well as by persons not registered on it, but using it, is provided free of charge.

        2.5. Opening of a specific Battle by the User is allowed only if, by the time of its opening, such User has participated in at least 5 (five) other Battles opened by other Users, voting for one or another category (value) defined in such Battles.

        2.6. To open the Battle, the User must enter the appropriate information in the section of the Site "Add Battle" (sky-share.ru/add), in particular:

        2.6.1. The main issue of the Battle;

        2.6.2. Picture of the left category (values);

        2.6.3. Image of the right category (values)

        2.6.4. The name (name) of the left category (values) is "Left Opponent";

        2.6.5. The name (name) of the right category (values) is "Right opponent".

        2.7. Distribution Battle on the Site is carried out in accordance with the functional sections installed on it. In this case, the functional section for the corresponding Battle is established directly by the User who opened the Battle.

        2.8. The following functional sections are provided on the Website:
        - Cars;
        - Developments;
        - Gadgets;
        - Games;
        - Cinema;
        - Music;
        - Other;
        - People;
        - Places;
        - Policy;
        - Programs;
        - Sports;
        - Web sites.
        The administration of the site has the right, at its discretion, to change the list of functional sections of the Site, to delete this or that Battle opened on the Site, at its own discretion and without prior notification of the User.

2.9. The duration of the Battle is 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of the opening of the Battle. At the same time, the extension of the Battle or the revival of the Battle, the date of which is over, is allowed, if the User intending to prolong the term of the relevant Battle or revive it, by the time of the renewal / reopening independently opened at least 3 other Battles.

3. Accommodation, storage, transmission and receipt of information

        3.1. At the opening of the Battle, the User undertakes to enter reliable information corresponding to the main issue of the Battle, in particular images and names of categories (values).

        3.2. In order to use the Site, the User, when registering on the Site, as well as upon a relevant request, shall provide the Administration of the site with complete and reliable information, in particular about his name (login), e-mail address, and other information.

        3.3. The User undertakes to store information about the password for accessing his / her account on the Site in a place inaccessible to third parties and not to provide it to third parties and bears full responsibility and the risk of negative consequences associated with non-compliance with these Rules. The administration of the site is not responsible for unauthorized third party access to the User's account, in particular for the use of information about the User by a third party, as well as his account on the Site. At the same time, the Site Administration undertakes to take all measures depending on it aimed at preventing / reducing the risk of unauthorized third-party access to the User's account. If there are grounds to believe that third-party access to the account is unauthorized, the User is obliged to immediately notify the site Administration about this,

        3.4. The administration of the site has no right, except for the cases specified in clause 3.5. of these Rules, without the consent of the User, perform the following actions:
        - transfer information about the User to third parties both on a paid and unpaid basis;
        - post the information received from the User in open sources, in particular on the Internet, except for the reflection of that information about the User on the Site, which is to be placed in accordance with the technical device of the Site.

        3.5. The administration of the site has the right, without the consent of the User, to transmit information about the User
        to state authorities, including the bodies of inquiry and investigation, and to local self-government bodies on their reasoned request;
        - on the basis of a judicial act;
        - third parties and public organizations on their reasoned request in case of violation or alleged violation of their rights;

        3.6. Hereby, the User confirms that he is fully responsible for the Battle he has published, in particular for the content posted within its information, the nature and direction of such information. The administration of the site is not responsible for the information published by the User on the Site.

        3.7. Information posted on the Site is publicly available and may be used by other persons, in particular other Users and the Site Administration for their own personal purposes. The User hereby consents to the copying, storage, transfer, publication and other forms of information use by third parties.

        3.8. The site administration has the right to make changes to the Battle opened by the User on the Site, in particular, to make its correction, addition, reduction, etc.

        3.9. Hereby, the User agrees to receive from the Site Administration various sms-mailings, e-mail-letters and other forms of direction / reception of information.

        3.10. The User confirms that entering information into the Site registration form, information for opening the corresponding Battle, voting of the User, as well as a person not registered on the Site, for one or another category (value) established in the Battle is carried out exclusively at the discretion and desire of the User . At the same time, registration on the Site is made only when the User provides the information specified in the registration form.

4. Intellectual property on the Site

        4.1. The site is the result of intellectual activity, the exclusive rights to which belong directly to the Administration of the site, in particular the rights to the computer programs used for the functioning of the Site, the graphic solution (design) the Site hosted by the Site Administration content, as well as other results of intellectual activity in particular photographic images, video recordings, etc.

        4.2. Hereby the User acknowledges the exclusive right of the Site Administration to this Site and agrees to strictly observe these rights.

        4.3. For violation by the User of the exclusive right to the Website belonging to the Site Administration, in particular the use of the results of intellectual activity included in it, the Site Administration has the right to apply to the User such measures as specified in paragraph 7.2. of these Rules, as well as the liability measures provided by the current legislation.

5. Limitations for Users

        5.1. The User of the Site does not have the right:

        5.1.1. Open Battles that violate the requirements of the current legislation, in particular containing threats and insults, discrediting others who violate the rights of citizens to privacy or public order, which have the nature of obscenity; violating in one degree or another honor and dignity, the rights and legally protected interests of others; Encouraging or containing calls for inciting religious, racial or ethnic strife, containing attempts to incite hatred or incitement to violence.

        5.1.2. Incorrect information about yourself when you register or provide, upon the request of the Site Administration.

        5.1.3. To post on the Site through the use of special software or in the Battle information in the form of third-party advertising and / or goods (works, services) realized (performed, rendered) by these persons.

        5.1.4. Violate the intellectual rights of third parties, including Users, by placing on the Site information (in particular, images of categories (values)), the copyright holder of which this User is not.

        5.1.5. Distribute or organize the distribution on the Site of malicious computer programs and files (viruses, Trojans, "temporary bombs", "worms" or any other programs that cause harm or result in deleting information on the Site).

        5.1.6. To attempt unauthorized access to the accounts of other Users or to acquire information about their passwords.

        5.1.7. Violate the rights of other Users in terms of the possibility of using the Site.

        5.2. For violation of the provisions specified in clause 5.1. of these Rules, the Administration of the site has the right to apply to the User the measures specified in Clause 6.2. of these Rules, as well as demand compensation for all losses incurred in connection with non-compliance with these restrictions.

6. Responsibility

        6.1. For violation of the conditions established by these Terms of Use of the Site, the User and the Site Administration are liable in accordance with the current legislation.

        6.2. For violation of these Rules, the Administration of the site has the right to apply the following measures to the User:
        - block the User's access to his account for a certain period;
        - cancel the account of the User;
        - limit the scope of possible use by the User of the Site for a specified period or without determining the term.

        6.3. The Administration of the Site is not liable for losses and expenses incurred by the User in connection with the use of the Site, in particular:
        - losses and expenses caused by the use of inauthentic information posted on the Site.
        - losses and expenses caused by unauthorized access of third parties, including other Users, to the User's account.

7. Settlement of disputes

        7.1. Hereby, the Site Administration and the User have established a pretentious pre-trial order for settlement of disputes and disputes arising from the application of these Rules. The period for responding to the claimed claim is 10 (ten) working days from the time it was sent.

        7.2. In case of failure to reach an agreement on disputable issues, the dispute arising from these Rules shall be subject to judicial review in accordance with the current legislation at the location of the Administration of the site.

        7.3. In the event of disputes and disagreements between Site Users, the Site Administration has the right to take measures aimed at resolving these disputes and disagreements and reconciling Users.